Vesa Sahatçiu


So begins Walt Whitman’s ode to the human body. The body not as a biological category, but a body that seeks its raison d’etre. A body that is cultured, and in this sense, a body that is liberated, or enslaved, loved, or hated, understood, or shunned. A body that is well established in the way it is represented, or one that feels the fright of being out of place, that seeks to re-negotiate its presence…

Short Bio

Vesa Sahatçiu is a writer, researcher in art history, and a cultural worker. She pursued her studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, and The University of Auckland, majoring in Art History, and Contemporary Art Theory. Early on, she worked for the National Gallery of Kosovo as a researcher in art history, and wrote articles for various national newspapers, covering culture, and occasionally politics. Her time at the National Gallery of Kosovo informed her academic interest in 20th century Modernism in South East Europe, with a focus on Kosovo. In 2014, she curated Petrit Halilaj’s solo show “Darling squeeze the button and remove my memory” at the National Gallery of Kosovo. In 2018 she was a key player in the bidding process for Manifesta 14, writing the conceptual framework for what was to become the topic of the 14th edition of Manifesta. In 2022, she was named Advisor for Culture to the Cabinet of the Mayor of Prishtina. While in the spring of 2022 she was named board member of Manifesta 14, a position she held until the summer of 2022. She currently resides in Prishtina.