About ArtSphere

“ArtSphere: Diversifying the Social Landscape Through Art” is a visionary project aimed at addressing the challenges faced by artists in Kosovo. Young artists in Kosovo encounter significant obstacles due to the lack of resources and opportunities to showcase their talents and advance their careers. This limitation not only hampers their personal and professional growth but also deprives Kosovo’s cultural scene of their potential contributions. Furthermore, the project recognizes the need to engage artists and academia in promoting social values through cultural activism, particularly in a region marked by complex ethnic divisions. The project’s objectives are twofold. Firstly, it seeks to create an enabling environment for the development and recognition of young artists in Kosovo, emphasizing the importance of peer support, the promotion of their work, and opportunities for artistic exchange. Secondly, the project aims to stimulate intercultural communication and academic exchange as a means to deepen public understanding and appreciation of Kosovo’s diverse cultural heritage. By pursuing these objectives, “ArtSphere” aspires to contribute to the growth of the artistic community, promote unity across cultural divides, and use the creative arts as a powerful tool for positive social change in Kosovo’s diverse society.

“ArtSphere: Diversifying the Social Landscape Through Art” is implemented by Integra, Casa, and Barabar Centre with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.